Alexandra Lena Galetović Carabantes EST

Dr. Alexandra Lena Galetović Carabantes
Associate researcher

Alexandra Galetović is Biochemist from the Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile-UCV, Master in Toxicology and Toxicological Analysis from the University of São Paulo, Brazil-USP and a Doctor of Science in Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil UNIFESP. At the present is assistant professor at the University of Antofagasta. She has taught postgraduate in Magister and Doctorate Programs and undergraduate courses on Biochemistry, Macromolecules, Metabolism, Enzymology, Biochemistry of Extremophiles microorganisms, Toxicology, Experimental techniques, Biological chemistry and Bioinformatics. She has experience in radical oxygen species (ROS), especially singlet oxygen, arsenic toxicology, Dunaliella salina, calpains and molecular biology of T. cruzi, in the study of the biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnological applications of microorganisms in the Atacama Desert, particularly in cyanobacteria. She has been a Principal Researcher in the FIC-R Project: “Production of biofuel from cellulose” and in the Research Seed Project: “Identification and applications of biochemical compounds of microorganisms from the Atacama Desert”. In addition, she is co-researcher at CeBiB (Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering) and NEXER (Network for Extreme Environments Research). She has participated in national an international Scientific Congress, Meeting, Workshops in the field of microbiology of Atacama Desert and Scientific Fairs. She has been a visiting scientist at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Baltimore, USA working on Metagenomics and CIIMAR, University of Porto, Portugal studying cyanotoxins. She is an enthusiastic participant of outreach activities with high school students. She conducted an Experimental Biochemistry Workshop and the Radio Programme: “To the rhythm of the science”. She was awarded the following scholarships and grant: CAPES-CNPq (Master); Beca Presidente de la República (Doctorate), IANAS (visiting scientist in JHU) and IANAS Seed Grant.
Research lines
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnological uses of secondary metabolites and biomolecules (phycobiliproteins and exopolysaccharides) of cyanobacteria.
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