Ale ri

Dr. Alejandra Ribera Fonseca,
Associate researcher

Dr. Ribera, Agronomist and Doctor on Sciences of Natural Resources, has expertise in the study of tolerance mechanism of crops to abiotic stresses. In this regards, her research has been focused on the role of plant antioxidant systems (enzymatic and phenols) and plant nutrition (e.g. P, N and Si) to overcome the negative effects (photosynthetic performance, grown, yield and quality) of Manganese and Aluminium toxicities in pasture and fruit crop species. Lately, she has performed studies regards the impacts of deficit irrigation on physiological parameters and on fruit yield/quality in blueberry and about use of VIS/NIR portable technologies to estimate fruit maturity, quality and functional properties.
Research lines
  • Fruit Crops Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Plant Secondary Metabolism, specially Antioxidants
  •  Tolerance Mechanisms to Abiotic Stress in Plants
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