Fernanda Cid

Dr. Fernanda del Pilar Cid Alda
Associate researcher

Dra. Barrientos is graduated from La Frontera University (Chile) with formation in the fields of molecular biology and microbiology. Currently, Dra. Barrientos act as leader researcher at the Applied Molecular Biology laboratory (LBMA), from the Center of Excellence in Traslational Medicine. The main objective of LBMA laboratory is contribute to our knowledge on the discovery and study of active metabolites produced by Antarctic derived and terrestrial bacteria and fungi with potential applications on chemical and food industry, pharmacology and health. The research activities of LBMA laboratory are mainly focused (i) to decipher the diversity and dynamics of Actinobacteria in various Antarctic environments, ii) bioprospecting of cold active enzymes (proteases, cellulases, lactases, lipases) in search of their possible biotechnological application, iii) to characterize different bacteria producing biosurfactants for their possible application in the cleaning of contaminated soils, and iv) to search and identify active metabolites with antimicrobial activity for phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria of clinical importance. During her career, Dra. Barrientos have also acquired academic experience as responsible of courses (Molecular Biology and Molecular Diagnosis) as well as training and supervision of under-graduate and post-graduate students.
Research lines
  • Microbiology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Evolution
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