Franciasco Matus

Dr. Francisco  Matus
Associate researcher

Católica-Chile (1989) and his PhD at Agricultural Wageningen University in Holland. Both programs were conducted in plant nutrition, soil fertility and environmental sciences. In 2009, Professor Matus was invited as Post-Doctoral Fellow by Chemical Department at Carleton University and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to join a Governmental project to improve the nitrogen use efficiency for cropping system in Canada (2009-2011). His main research interest is in soil nutrient dynamics and conservation in volcanic soils. He has been working in nitrogen use efficiency and carbon sequestration in agricultural land and natural ecosystems. He has experience in biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen cycling in pristine forest ecosystems and extreme zones such as Antarctic zones. In 2017 he was invited by Department of Agriculture and Soil Science from Georg-August-University, Göettingen, Germany to work in abiotic processes on soil organic carbon oxidation. Professor Matus has experience in stable isotope at rhizosphere level studies and crop simulation models, he has many indexed publication and extensive network of international contacts and collaboration with research groups in Germany, Holland, France, Canada, Belgium and New Zealand. Currently he is the Director of PhD Program in Natural Resources Sciences at Universidad de La Frontera.
Research lines
  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Soil Fertility / Nutrient managements
  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Isotope based studies in soil-plants systems
  • Statistics: Experimental design and analysis
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