Jacquelinne Acuña

Dr. Jacquelinne Acuña Sobarzo,
Associate researcher

Dr. Acuña is graduated from La Frontera University with formation in plant-microbe interactions. Actually, Dr. Acuña act as Scientific Manager of the Applied Microbial Ecology (AME) laboratory. The main objective of AME laboratory is contribute to our knowledge on plant-associated microbiome present in Chilean agro-ecosystems (pastures, cereal crops and fruit orchards) and extreme ecosystems (Atacama Desert, Andes mountains, Patagonia and Antarctic).  Currently, Dr. Acuña leads the FONDECYT Initiation project titled “Unraveling the previously unculturable rhizobacterial taxa associated with cereal crops grown in Chilean Andisol and their potential as PGPR (cod. 11160112). This research aims to decipher the microbial diversity associated with plants by using culture-dependent and independent methods. In addition, Dr. Acuña have also acquired academic experience as teaching of course of under-graduate and graduate students.
Research lines
Plant microbiome
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