Javier A. Díaz Ochoa

Dr. Javier A. Díaz Ochoa
Associate researcher

I am a marine biologist with a master of science in fisheries science and a PhD in oceanography. My research areas of interests are the study of the relationships between fisheries and the environment as well as the analysis of footprints delivered to sediments from intensive by anthropogenic activities such pollution or intensive fish culture, with special emphasis on solid phase phosphorus geochemistry and N and C stable isotopes in the Patagonian aquatic ecosystems (e.g. channels and fjords). Currently, I am also studying the dynamics of several fisheries in the Magellan region from a multidisciplinary view point, taking into consideration ecological, economical, technological, social, cultural and institutional factors relevant for achieving natural resources sustainability and the restoration of compromised fishing resources such as the southern king crab of several mollusks of interest for regional fisheries.
Research lines
  • Paleoceanography studies within the oxygen minimum zone
  • Paleoecology
  • Hydrology and climate sedimentary proxies from southernmost Patagonian fjord and channels systems
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