Dr. Mailing Rivera Lam
Associate researcher

Born and educated in northern Chile. Is a descendant of Chinese immigrant in third generation in the maternal line and  descended from the ethnicity diaguita in the paternal line. Writer of poetry and dramatic Works. He specialized in theatrical management and cultural management. From an early age he developed cultural and radio projects. These experiences were complemented by his professional training and postgraduate studies in linguistics and anthropology. Was professor of public and private schools and liceos  during 12 years.  From 1997 he worked in public and private universities. Since 2002 works at the University of Antofagasta where he won a national competition to perform as a specialist in language teaching.
She integrates national and international research networks in education. She has published the results of his research on intercultural learning and didactic materials to improve language and science learning.
Research lines
  • Educational Anthropology
  • Educational Didactic
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