Paola duran

Ph.D Paola Durán Cuevas
Associate researcher

Dra. Paola Durán belong to an interdisciplinary research group (Center of Plant Soil interaction and plant biotechnology) from Scientific and Technologic Bioresearch Nucleus, BIOREN) centered on Physicochemistry of Soil and Environment, Soil-Plant Interaction and Plant Nutrition, Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, contributing significantly to plant production especially in cereals as nutrition, biofortification and pathogens biocontrol. Dr. Durán is author and coauthor of more than 20 scientific publications in the last 5 years, highlighting by an important contribution of international researchers and doctorate students as well as post doctorates. During her career as Researcher she has directed and co-directed more than 15 project of great importance national and international. She is director of Chilean Culture Collection of type strain CCCT-UFRO from La Frontera University and member of Advanced Committee of Doctorate in Science of Natural Resources and member of cloister for the same academic program.
Research lines
  • Phytopathology and Biocontrol
  • Soil Microbial Ecology
  • Plant-Microorganisms
  • Interactions


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