Dr. Paula Aguilera
Associate researcher

Professor and Researcher in Scientific and Technological Nucleus (BIOREN-UFRO), University of La Frontera. Master and Doctoral Studies in Natural Resources Sciences. Specialization in Switzerland, Spain and Brazil in microbiology and fungal diversity present in soils for agriculture and in native forest ecosystems. Experience in innovation and bioproducts generation for agriculture sustainable management, promote healthy food, favors environment care with bioremediation potential use in metals contaminated ecosystems, and degraded ecosystems restoration. Responsible of maintaining of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi collection. Co-founder of the South American Mycorrhizal Research Network and Founder of the technology-based company Myconativa Ltda.
Research lines
  • Diversity of microorganisms in agricultural and forest soils associated with soil coverage and management.
  • Generation of bioproducts for agriculture, forestry, remediation and conservation.


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