Dr. Felipe Aburto
National collaborator

I have been Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Forest Sciences at the University of Concepción since September of 2014. I am Co-director of the Soil Water and Forests Laboratory ( and Director of the Foresta Nativa Initiative (, which is responsible for the largest efforts of native forest reforestation and restoration in Chile. I hold a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Chile, and a Master and PhD. In Soil and Biogeochemistry at the University of California, Davis. My main research focus areas are: Soil and Forest Biogeochemistry, Soil Mineralogy and Geomorphology, and Soil Conservation and Rehabilitation. I lead and participate in many projects including internationally funded research projects (DFG- Germany), government grants (FONDECYT, FONDEQUIP, FIBN) and collaborations with private companies. One of my current projects is titled ;Effects of soil mineral -organic interactions on the long term soil carbon stability in temperate forest systems -To what extend does soil mineralogy modulates carbon turnover in natural and managed forest ecosystems FONDECYT Iniciación N 11160372.
Research lines
  • Soil and Forest Biogeochemistry
  • Soil Formation, Mineralogy and Geomorphology
  • Soil Conservation and Rehabilitation
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