Jimena Torres

Dr. Jimena Torres

Associate researcher

Archeologist from Universidad de Chile. Doctor in Archeology University of Paris 1 Pantheón Sorbonne. My research focuses on marine and terrestrial hunter-gatherers of Patagonia. I have worked along the coast of Chile in topics on of maritime and coastal adaptations, especially in the desert coast and the Patagonian archipelagos. I have specialized in prehispanic and historical fishing using as proxies ichthyo-archaeological analysis, fishing technology, ethnography and also sclerochronology and stable isotopes of Nitrogen and Carbon. These results can provide interpretation on seasonal fishing and paleoecological issues in coastal areas characterized by human activities in the past. I’m currently working at the Centro de Estudios de Hombre Austral, Instituto de la Patagonia, Universidad de Magallanes.
Research lines
  • Archaeology of marine and terrestrial hunter-gatherers
  • Patagonian Archaeology
  • Coastal desert archaeology (Chile)
  • Prehistoric and historical fishing
  • Coastal and maritime cultural heritage
  • Ethnography and traditional coastal societies
  • Historical coastal ecology
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