Dr. Mara Cea
Associate researcher

Dr. Mara Cea has widely experience in catalytic processes applied to biodiesel synthesis, soil bioremediation and physico-chemical processes. In the last years, her research has been focused in the development of catalysts and biocatalysts that can be applied in biofuels production. Using as raw material agroforestry biomass Dr. Cea has developed carbon-based catalysts and supports for enzyme immobilization to be used for biodiesel synthesis. Also, Dr. Cea has been looking for new sources of lipid and added-value products through the cultivation of bacteria isolated from wastewater treatment plants. At the present, Dr. Cea has focused her research in the biotechnological valorization of biomass through the use of mixed microbial cultures her group is working in the production of bioplastics (PHA) and other biomolecules of industrial interest.
Research lines
  • Thermochemical and Biotechnological valorization of Biomass
  • Bioenergy
  • Soil science: interactions between xenobiotic compounds and soil surface
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