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Dr. Bernardita Valenzuela
Associate researcher

Bernardita Valenzuela is associated research to Extremophile Microorganisms Laboratory in the Antofagasta Institute, Antofagasta University. His wok focuses specifically on microbiology, molecular biology and enzymatic characterization of extremophile microorganisms from extreme environments in Antofagasta Region. His academic training was done at the Antofagasta University, Chile. Where he pursued his undergrad studies as a Biology Teacher. Later, she obtain a Master degree in Biomedical Sciences, with specialization in Microbiology Applied, his thesis was done studying the cultivable thermophilic bacteria present in El Tatio Geothermal Field. Later, obtein a PhD degree in Applied Sciences, with specialization in costal marine sciences. Here she made his thesis in methanogenic archaea in extreme environments. Currently is Associate Research in Antofagasta University and Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Germany.
Research lines
  • Microbiology of Thermophile Microorganism
  • Microbiology of Arid Environments
  • Enzymes for Biotechnological Applications
  • Molecular Tool Design



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