Marcela Calabi

Dr. Marcela Calabi-Floody
Associate researcher

Dr Marcela Calabi-Floody has contributed to the interdisciplinary research with a strong vision of development and innovation (R&D&i), highlighting the link between science and business. Dr Calabi-Floody has contributed to the knowledge and understanding of nanotechnology, mainly related to nanoclay and its role in carbon sequestration. As part of the center, she has also been involved in the development of nanocomposites to improve the stability and viability of bacteria in the design of biofertilizers. In this context, Dr Calabi-Floody has specialized in nanotechnology and the biotechnological management of natural resources (development, revaluation and reuse). Throughout her researcher career she has developed several internships abroad, highlighting The Nanoscience Centre at the University of Cambridge, followed by a close collaboration with Dr Rumpel Director of the CNRS, Institute of Ecology and Environment of Paris, AgroParisTech Campus, Thiverval-Grignon, France. As a product of the development of various research projects, she has generated high-level scientific articles published in international journals, as well as the dissemination of results in national and international conferences. During her training as researcher Dr Calabi-Floody has been able to participate strongly in the development of multidisciplinary projects of the greatest complexity at the country level, generating a vast experience.
Research lines
  • Nanotechnology (natural nanoclays) and enzymatic immobilization
  • Soil science: interactions between organic matter and mineral fraction
  • Biotechnology for solid waste management
  • Smart agriculture
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