sergio radic

Dr.Sergio Radic
Associate researcher

He studied Agricultural Engineer and Master in Animal Production from the Universidad Austral de Chile and Ph.D. from the Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Universidad de Magallanes and holds the position of Director of Research. He carries out teaching activities in the subjects of Soil Fertility, Grassland Management, and Forage, and he is a thesis advisor to undergraduate students of agronomy career. He has developed areas of research such as soil-plant relationship in sub-Antarctic environments, and rangeland management. In the area of soil-plant relations, he has developed studies on aluminum toxicity in forage plants, nitrogen fixation in sub-Antarctic environments, use of soil microorganisms to improve forage species, evaluation of native plants for their introduction in acid soils, evaluations of soil fertility in the region and the use of sub-products from marine origin as an amendment in the rangelands. In rangeland management he has worked on the development of a platform for dynamic monitoring of the region’s grasslands using remote sensing as a farming support tool, also in farm diagnostic and planning to select appropriate stocking rate in rangelands, and the ecological interactions between sheep livestock and wild guanaco.
Research lines
  • Plant-Soil relationship in sub-Antartic enviroments Rangeland management¬†
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