Dr. Daniel Basualto

Associate researcher

Expert in managing geological hazards, volcanic eruptions and landslides. Seismologist, expert in analysis of continuous series of geophysical data to evaluate volcanic processes and define volcanic alerts. Attention and management volcanic crises in Ecuador: Reventador 2002 and Tunguragua 2004 and Chile: Llaima 2008, Chaitén 2008, Peteroa 2010, Hudson 2010, Cordón Caulle 2011, Copahue 2012, Villarrica 2015, Calbuco 2015 and Chillan 2016-2018. Extensive knowledge in the installation of geophysical networks and analysis of seismic and earthquake-volcanic monitoring data in real time. Experience as a group leader in geological field work and expeditions, in extreme conditions such as deserts and high mountains. Professional experience as guiding professor in undergraduate thesis and professional practices, Universidad de la Fontera, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad Andrés Bello, and Universidad Católica de Temuco.
Research lines
  • Geological hazards
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